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Cara & Dylan ❤️

It's a bit of a different story when it comes to these 2 humans...

Back in 2015, I met Cara for the first time at a local country races. A few months later and a few arguments within a friendship group, we were literally arch nemesis - like just imagine Scar and Mufasa! 🦁😂

Then, in 2017, on a dirty, sticky Gilligans dance floor, our friendship was re-kindled... We went from can't standing the sight of each other to then being the bestest of friends all within a few months of our drunken encounter, and since then, Cara has been my best 'girl' friend. 😉

Dylan came onto the scene a few months later as Cara's new man, and I could instantly tell that these 2 were the real deal. I knew that if Dylan loved Cara half as much as he loves being a Firefighter, she'd be in safe hands.

We had been planning this photo shoot since December 2018, but it seemed to be that every time we'd set a date, something would de-rail us - it was either a firies callout, pouring rain, not having a location, everyone being busy or simply, we just couldn't be bothered.

Nearly 1.5 years later, it finally happened - and I think you'd agree with me in saying that it was totally worth the wait.

Enjoy x


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