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BK Media (formerly Aertography) is based in amongst the beautiful Atherton Tablelands. Specifically, the 300-sunny-days-a-year Mareeba!


For Website Design, Photography and Videography to assistance with setting up that new iPhone on the Tablelands, in Cairns, or really anywhere in the beautiful Far North, then look no further! BK Media loves a challenge, and I live for helping everyday locals with whatever their needs may be.


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Some might say that I am bit of a 'Jack of All Trades' and without sounding over-confident, I would tend to agree.


From a very young age, I have always had a passion for Computers/IT, Aviation and Photography. I have always been the go-to guy for family and family friends whenever it comes to Computers and Technology, and I LOVE it! Whether it's helping set up iCloud, questions about Apple Music, questions about what Mac they should buy, help setting up their emails on Outlook, creating and maintaining their websites - I can do it all! (If you haven't noticed, I live and breathe for Apple, but I still know my way around a Samsung unfortunately 😉).


I've always had life long aspirations of being a pilot, so I started training with the North Queensland Aero Club right here in Mareeba in early 2015. As it was obviously too expensive to always be flying myself, I decided to buy my first Drone so I could still be 'flying', but just from a different perspective (and a hell of a lot cheaper) - the Drone was only meant to be a hobby, but this then led to me completing a few jobs for local real estate agents and family friends before around mid-2016 when I absolutely fell in love with all things photos & videos and launched 'Aertography' (which is a combination of the 2 words 'aerial' and 'photography'). In early 2018, I was approached by some friends to film their weddings... But, how could I do that with only a drone and a GoPro 4? I then set out and spent some ridiculous amount of money on all new drones, professional cameras, microphones, lights, tripods, flashes etc and hence, converted 'Aertography' into 'BK Media' (trying not to discriminate against ground based Photography/Videography).


In the last year or two, I have been involved with some massively rewarding jobs such as the Mareeba Rodeo, FNQ Rotary Field Days, Savannah in the Round, Runway 19, multiple Weddings, Events, Formals, Debutantes and so much more!


With over 270,000 combined views on my Facebook page since 1st January 2017, the rest is history...

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